You want to feel truly feminine, playfull and desired again

You want to let go of all the responsibility and experience deep intimicy, real passion and deep love making with a man you love

And more than anything you just want to feel truly loved again.

Every day.

For being you.


Hi, I am Line

In my Feminine Love programme,

I help successful women who feel frustrated, unloved and closed down to discover their natural feminine vibration so they attract the greatest kind of love.  Reclaim their sexual power and let pleasure show them the new way to real connection, love and a life so much more vibrant and fun that they can imagine. 

I know your desires. You want more out of life. You never settle and definitely not in love. I got you. I know the way of love for strong independent women.  I know you feel like no men can take on a strong woman like you - no worry lady - I got you. 

Let me invite you on a love adventure with me and feel playful again, feel sexy and confident in bed, and have you Prince Charming begging for more time with you - both in and out of bed. 


After working with many women, I know that…

  • You feel like love is such hard work;
  • You give and give but end up feeling empty and depleted;
  • Your man is more focused on his work than with you and you feel unwanted and you hurt deep within;
  • You stand strong on your own but as soon as a man comes into your life, it becomes all about him. And you hate that men have this effect on you but you can’t seem to change it;
  • Your playful self is long gone and seriousness and stress is taking over the game;
  • You feel closed down and can’t feel any real lust;
  • You do not want to tell your friends, but you do not really enjoy sex. Even though you actually feel like a really sexual women!
  • You do not really feel pleasure so you’d rather use your time for Netflix, work and duties and it feels pathetic;
  •  You really want to feel lust, sexy and vibrant, and feel your body burst with pleasure and soothing orgasms;
  • You want to be more like Samantha on Sex and the City, and be a playful and a hot lover that goes for what she wants but every time the lights go out, your sexual confidence slips away and you feel lost and insecure because you also have to take care of his emotions;

You wonder…does this love life really have to be this challenging???

No, it does not sweety, there is an amazing loving way for you to get love in on your terms


 The truth is…

…you are not alone. So many of us feel held back or insecure around sexuality, love and playfulness.

As successful women, we have learned to thrive, care for others and build our careers, but no one taught us the way of real love. The feminine way of love...

We weren’t taught how to really create and enjoy intimacy, and have sex in the most magical ways so we feel like being on fire for hours after.

You were taught the way of masculine traits while the feminine playful part of you stayed buried.

The truth is it hurts to fail in love and sex again and again.

The more you get hurt, the more you lose trust in your own feminine abilities and worth. And that creates distance between you and the man you truly want.

And when you feel out of contact with your body, you don’t set healthy boundaries and end up with the unhealthy patterns of over giving, being stressed and irritated with people running your life. If we are not careful, we end up risking our health and well being. We end up messing up our relationships, experiencing depressions, and never live the potential we were born to.


Let´s change your love life and create love magic together

My passion is to teach women like you the feminine way of love, passion and pleasure.

I help success women, break their unhealthy patterns, let go of past lovers and live from their true free and feminine core.

I help you create more intimacy, feel more playfulness every day and experience the deepest kind of love and the most magical sex that I know this world has in store for you.

It is truly possible to create a magical lovelife.

Let me show you the path...


When you are ready to change your love life I am here

If you are ready to take you love life to the next level, then all you have to do is to sign up  for a(free) kickstart my love life call. Let´s start your love adventure now.

Let’s be honest.

If you are reading this, you and I both know that you are not happy about your love life and that each day it just becomes more and more frustrating.

Maybe you have already tried all kinds of different strategies, have searched the net and asked your friends for advice.

But despite your best intentions, it does not really work (especially in the long run) and you continue falling into the same crises and bad habits. You do not feel free, sexual and loved in the way you truly want.

…And that makes sense…

Because to make great change, there are 3 things you are missing:


  1. The important tantric secrets and teachings behind a beautiful, intimate and playful love life where you feel genuinely free and stand strong with a man you love


2. Clear strategies to efficiently break your old patterns and feel safe setting boundries and stand in your own truth no matter what, so you feel the effect of a strong and passionated relationship


      3.  A loving mentor who inspires you, keeps you on track like a cheer leader, give you loving wisdom as a fairy godmother and has the insights of a CEO to navigate you to the love and sex life that just lights you up from within.

(And you can look forward to this work because it is filled with pleasure;))


Just imagine…


 You get the romantic romance...

You feel alive, sexy, desired and your man can´t take his eyes off you!

You wake up after a great night. Your man hugs you in and kisses you on the tip of your nose. You look him in the eyes and feel so loved and desired that you just have to repeat the great sex you had last night!

You are experiencing those sexual fantasies that you never thought you would ever dare to tell anyone about!

You get to be aligned with your feminine essens

& you feel good and natural being naked and being you

You know what you want and it is the most natural thing to go for it and actually get it!

You can say no with love and do what YOU really want. The stuff you have only dared to dream possible!

You are no longer the hopeless girl. You are one of those cool girls that always wear a smile and navigate her life with ease and playfulness

Line Maria Bram Pedersen - 2016 - Foto Thomas Heie Nielsen-71

You get to be badass and empowered. Two strong individuals who consciously chose each other.

- You know yourself and your patterns and can easily navigate even the biggest emotions and boundries without creating distance from your man. Actually, it just makes you even closer!

-You experience new orgasms and the tantric type of sex filled with lots of love, time, tenderness and softness that just rip up your heart in ways you could never dream of!

- When you walk into the bedroom, your man looks at you and you feel desired, vibrant and alive. You tease him, gaze towards him and are ready for another fun sexual experience!


If you want those kinds of results, it is time to be as ambitious around your love life as you are in your business.




Line Maria Bram Pedersen - 2016 - Foto Thomas Heie Nielsen-105


Let me introduce you to my “Feminine love programme"

It is a 6-month programme where I will lead you on a safe, joyful and effective adventure to sexual confidence, more playfulness and the love life you actually desire.

It is one-on-one mentorship

We meet every second week and dive deep together and with monthly instruction, education and fun exercises, we will light up your body again and get that soul of yours wired for real love and pleasure again.

And I promise, it will be pleasurable.


We will set the strategy and I will help you break your patterns, and with step by step coaching, make you positively embrace your playfulness and power in bed and in your everyday life.

I know that with my backup and insights it is possible to authentically transform not only your sex life but to make you feel alive each and every single day in your life.


Worksheets and hot Exercises

We need action so I will give you pleasure homework and small exercises and intimacy challenges for you.

They will be designed to your personal process so you feel safe and supported  – Don’t worry, you will LOVE it!! And your man (or future man) will too…!!


Sign up for a free strategy call - and lets start your adventure

love and feminine sexuality(1)


I invite you to 6 evenings of online education in love and sex

As a former academic and business teacher, I honestly believe we need knowledge to genuinely create transformation so I have included these live lectures for my VIP programme here so you can experience true transformation.

I will teach you in depth about your sexuality, patterns that are important to know and the secret to great passion. From Tantra, I will give you the best insights and explain how to increase your feminine energy and orgasms and feel vibrant again, plus the wisdom behind polarity and relationships where you grow together.

            6 themes:

            1) Self-love and self-pleasure

            2) Setting loving boundaries and saying YES to YOU

            3) The secrets behind intimacy and passion

            4) Embrace playfulness and the playfulness challenge

            5) Tantra and the keys to great love and sex

            6) Creating polarity and passion through deep feminine practice

You get 3 VIP live Q&A  Evenings for my VIP clients only

For questions and topics that are of great interest for many of my coaching clients I make 3 live Q&A evenings where you can ask questions, get feedback and meet others in your situation.  It is normally great fun, deep and something to look forward to.

And is it only about talking? – No.


You get 3 amazing practises that I LOOOOOVE doing

💃seriously your body will LOVE your for them!💃 

💕 Pleasure Meditation to connect you with your body in every moment

🌹 Start your day with a celebration (my own favourite ritual in the morning!)

💥 Explosive pleasure power ritual....


It is time to take action sweety

If you feel called to get more love into your life. If your heart says YES then book the strategy call with me right away and let us discover if this programme is for you.

Lets get your feminine power back and create the love life your really want!

 Why do I do what I do?

Because I am on a mission to help woman feeling loved again - and to truly shine in their feminine being

- Because I have been where you are. Being the strong leader all the time but not knowing the way of love, letting go and just be me. And I would have loved to have known there actually was a fun and enlightening path I could take. A path of love and freedom not the pushy one I knew. A path with a loving mentor who really knew how it felt and who could connect me with my heart, my pleasure and create the relationships that felt right to me. And THAT is what I want for you!

- And of course this is not only about technique and great orgasms (even though that is nice…).


It is about becoming your true self.

Unleashing your feminine power and playfulness

and becoming the most magnificent woman you truthfully are inside.


Because when that happens...

your sex life transforms,

your love life transforms

...and I know from personal experience that the true value of this programme is that it will transform your life and relationships forever.

You actually get your happily ever after…

So Do not hesitate, sign up and let me help you darling.


Alert…! This is not a programme for everyone

Let me explain...

I am passionate and highly ambitious so I only work with women who are highly motivated, ready to be brave and cut through old beliefs, challenges and shame and let in the good stuff.

Because yes, sometimes a dragon will be slayed and trolls will be encountered. And I want you to be ready for the whole ride knowing you have me right by your side, every step of the way.

When you are ready to go for the adventure and take your love life to a new level, I am ready for a call with you.

Are you with me? Then sign up and let’s get rolling together!

We need more women celebrating life, femininity and sexuality and I would LOVE to have you with me!!



Alle elsker dig

This is not for you if:

  • You love just staying in your couch feeling bad for yourself looking at Netflix
  • You are okay with bad sex and orgasms are not really a deal for you
  • If you still like to complain and hold on to old patterns
  • If you just want results without actually doing anything for it
  • If you are not ready to invest in yourself
  • If you actually like being a bit stress and disconnected

This is for brave and successful women who:

  • Are ready to truly live their vibrant, sexy feminine potential
  • Feel motivated and ready to dive deep within themselves
  • Are done complaining and playing the victim or the martyr
  • Know that their lives need more love and fun if they want to die satisfied in this lifetime
  • Knows that the era of stress and running for everyone else is over
  • Are ready to be the frontrunners of the new era of love, abundance and playfulness – in their love lives and in business.



Line I want to know more - Why is this programme different?

Okay let me be honest with you...

I Used to SUCK AT LOVE. I used to think love did not fit me.

I was great in business and great at leading people but in the love life department, I just sucked.

I felt locked and like I had to give up my freedom and power when I got in a relationship. I didn’t know that what works in business is the opposite of what works in love and I did not know this other way.

I was slowly dying and I felt heart broken. I didn’t know how to change and express my needs or understand my partner’s reactions.

I gave all I had to my business and my partner and I felt myself falling into darkness and pain. I was empty. I ended up leaving my man, leaving my business and finding my self on the bottom of life.

I had never felt like a failure but when I let go, it was actually nice. Now nobody expected anything from me and I could hear my heart and inner truth. With a small step at a time, I got up and my heart led me on the most amazing love adventure I could ever imagine. I took workshops, classes, lectures in love, sex, tantra, intuition, spirit –I wanted the answers and my heart wanted to receive, dance and feel alive again.


I found myself, my joy and playfulness and there, feeling filled up, I attracted the most magnificent man. We wanted the same – to grow in a deep and profound relationship. We wanted freedom and love in the same time.

We have practiced honest love, intimacy, and tantra; and each time we fall into co-dependency, we get back to ourselves. To be able to feel both love and freedom in a relationship has blown my mind. I never thought that was possible <3

It has ROCKED my WORLD!!

So YES, I am very happy to share all my insights with you.

And that is what is different in this programme. I have walked the path and now live my man and living my fairytale in Copenhagen.

In my programme, I share a lot of our process with you because I find that the magic is in the small things every day. That is where we discovered the many secrets to full passion, playfulness and hot magical sex!

When I thought about other women who are missing out on all this love and pleasure that I get to experience in my life, I created a mission for love and feminine pleasure to be experienced by all those who want that, too.

To create sisterhood where we take love to the next level.

Where we show the world the feminine wisdom and how to really dive into love. I truly believe that can change the world. And it starts with you taking an amazing step.

I can be the magical fairy that comes to your life and spreads the long lost fairy wisdom that will lead you to your true happy ending <3

So if you are ready for love, now is your time!!

This is your time and you are ready for the next step